Is it possible to improve RAM support

I have an old server motherboard (ASUS K8N-DL) and I decided to upgrade the RAM by adding 4x4 Gbyte ECC Registered DDR400 RAM stick from Viking that are supported reading the board Manual, but after installed the system start to beep informing of a RAM error.
If I mixed with DDR333 RAM the PC boot you see the whole RAM, but is unstable.
I was wondering if it is possible to add the support to this RAM buy changing the BIOS or if is sufficient to increase the RAM voltage.


I doubt, that anybody will be able to do it except the manufacturer of your mainboard.

Contacting Pinczakko he told me

But where I could find the DIMM chip capacity on the Viking site I didn’t find these informations I only find these two codes on the DIMM module itself:
- PC3200-3330-Z 4GB ECC 4RX4
- VR4VR127224EPPB1

I have also this module Patriot Memory psd2g40036erb that are seen only when a DDR333 memory is installed, how could I found the DIMM chip capacity of this RAM too?