Is it possible to update Intel ME FW on Award BIOSes?

Hi everybody, I’m trying to update Intel ME FW on my Gigabyte z68xp ud3p 's F7 BIOS, which is a Award one, not UEFI.
Using the tool for updating Intel ME, I’m getting Error 8727: Firmware update tool failed to get the firmware parameters .
I was trying to update it to, using FWUpdLcl64.
MEinfo, when I try to use it, gives Error 8203: Unexpected result in command response .

So I was wondering… Is it possible to update to Intel ME version 8 on Award BIOS, maybe using other tools?

Thanks in advance.


The Engine is independent so it doesn’t matter if the BIOS is AMI, Phoenix, Insyde, Award or similar. If you can’t update the firmware by normal means, it could be corrupted. In that case, you would need to re-flash it either via FPT if your Flash Descriptor is unlocked or via a programmer.

Great to know. Thank you

So, is your ME FW engine corrupted? Check with MEinfoWin from this Intel System Tools package -!rQ9WXQYL!LfEvstS2CLK05…R6puRfFe7vqs60U

Stock ME version is

If you have updated previously to the UEFI/Hybrid BIOS, but then flashed back, I am unsure what happens to ME in those instances. ME version in the u1g BIOS is
If your ME is that, then you need to use this package to run MEinfoWin (or ME FW Update tools, same for above, if v7 you need to use the above package)!CF1l1LJK!K2l6_74FPsGig…Rvp8Efj8a5drZSc

You may need to try MEinfoWin from both packages in order to find out which ME version you have, or you can see if it’s shown in HWinfo64 (I think it is shown there, in the larger details device manager-like window part)

Also, if ME is currently V7, then you must use UPD images from the repository to update ME with the ME FW update tool. And if v7 currently, I do not know if you can update to ME v8 with the FW update tool or FPT, maybe only via BIOS edit.

And finally, yes I can change ME FW version for you in BIOS image itself, but I am unsure if v8 will work in BIOS that originally have v7, If you want to use v8, you may need to move to the UEFI/Hybrid u1g BIOS, then from there I can help you update to any v8 ME