Is there a non-RAID BIOS for a NEC VT6421A?

Thinking of replacing my PCIE JMB363 controller - which uses a rather dated driver (with hotswap eSATA) or an alternative BIOS that makes it standard SATA but kills hotswap
With a VT6421A (on PCI instead of PCI-E (helps with GPU clearance).
I don’t want to jump out of the frying pan into the fire on driver compatibility, so ideally I’d like it to be standard SATA (with hotswap) and standard IDE

I could wire an eSATA to a motherboard port, but I’d rather have a disposable card in the way, and I guess I could try using my favourite IDE DVDRW on a converter

What do you mean with "non-RAID BIOS" and what has it to do with the Sub-Fornm "BIOS modules"?

I know the Silicon Image controller card could be swiitched from a RAID BIOS to a native SATA / AHCI BIOS, so it would be a BIOS module, couldn’t see anywhere more specific for a card BIOS