Is there any Intel/Realtek HDAudio driver for Win95?

I want to get my sound working on Windows 95. The OS(Windows 95 itself) is installed on Asus F9E laptop I bought back in 2008. The sound card is Realtek High Definition Audio(HDA). Is there any drivers for this sound card?

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There not exist HDA drivers for windows 95-98.
However, some have created unofficial drivers with limitations.
I haven’t tested personally.
-Operating System Revival: Windows 3.1/95/98/ME HDA Driver

I tried testing this driver but it kinda didn’t work properly

Did you follow the instructions?

Well, yes, i did everything what they said to do.

except for the MaxPhysPage=3E6FF

lemme try configuring MaxPhysPage

Now I followed all the instructions but the sound is not working seemingly.

Please install the latest directx for windows 95.
-13 Jan 2001 DirectX 8.0a from here and test:
-MicroSoft DirectX Downloads for Windows (Win95, Win98, Win98SE, WinME, Win2000, WinXP) - complete release history including DirectX1, DirectX2, DirectX3, DirectX5, DirecX6, DirecX7, DirecX8, DirecX9

If you need the best for your sound you need to move to xp.

Well I can move even to Windows 2000(there are official sound drivers for it). But I’ll try using DirectX. Thank you for the reply!

DirectX didn’t help seemingly. But I have installed the “J” version of the sound driver and the latest is “L”. I will try installing the “L” version of it.

No sound even with “L” version of driver and DirectX

Better to move to windows 2000 because i don’t think that there exist a better solution.

Ok, thanks!

By the way, is there any drivers for Windows ME?