Is this correct?

Reading the website I found the station drivers link and been looking around. Question, if I got to the Drivers>Chipsets select Intel I see a list. It looks to be broken in to 2 sections; ROM and Drivers.

X58 board is an ICH10 and if I am reading this list correctly; for a driver that version is the last one for this board. For AHCI that is. But looking in the ROM section there too shows ICH10 with higher ROM versions; even up to Is that correct?

And is it just my set up, I cannot click on any of the PDF nor the Info, I can click and download DL’s in the ROM section. But in the drivers I can click and read the PDF’s and Info’s.

Yes, that is correct. Users with an Intel X58 chipset system are not able to install any original Intel RST(e) Driver of the v12.x.x.xxxx series, if they have set their Intel SATA Controller to AHCI mode, but can install any available Intel RAID Driver v12.x.x.xxxx without any problem.

You should ask fdrsoft, the Admin and owner of Station-Drivers. Some links work, others not

What about the ROM section, can those work on a x58 board if small enough? I mean it says that they are for ICH10, am I reading that right?

Will do on the fdsoft.

You probably have to try it yourself. Some X58 chipset mainboard BIOSes have not enough space to get any Intel RAID ROM bigger than 100 KB inserted (latest <100 KB is v10.1.0.1008), but with other X58 BIOSes it is no problem to get the v12.6.0.1702 working.
My recommendation for X58 chipset systems is to update the Intel RAID ROM to v11.2.0.1527 (if possible) and to use the last Intel RST Driver v11.2.0.1006.