Is this possible to set default drive letter to mount new USB mass storage devices?

At this moment if I connect USB pendrive/drive then Windows assign first free drive letter to it and it is letter G: - I would like to see all my USB pendrives/drives mounted by default on P: (when only one is mounted). I know I can change pendrive letter in Disk Manager but it needs to assign different letter to different pendrive or the letters will “reset” - in other words two different USB pendrives can’t be manually assigned to the same letter. But maybe there is some way to “reserve” or hide all previous letters (before P:) so Windows will see P: as the first free one?

@Lex :
It will be very difficult to get what you want. Why is it so important for you?
The drive letters given by the OS to the connected disk drives and USB drives usually doesn’t matter

@Fernando : It’s the matter of my habit of use certain drive letters for certain functions.

I’ve found registry key which stores “known drives”: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\MountedDevices

I’m wondering if it is possible to fill “lower unused letters” with “some values” - that way first possible letter for OS to mount any drive will be “higher”.