ISP / JSP SPI header

Hi all while I’m waiting for my new soic clip I have been doing some reading and found this in my board

And was wondering if it’s the same as a msi jsp1 header so I did some digging and found what I have is a Jtag 10 pin

Has anyone tried to use this pin header before as from pictures it seams I could wire it up for spi flashing.

I’m trying to confirm these are the right pins to my bios chip but information online is sparse
I have a multimeter but don’t seam to get continuity on the pins from the bios chip.

Any ideas guys thanks for the help

Hi all been a few weeks and I have done so digging and buying and attempting.
So I have been searching for a easier way of flashing bios and came across Jtag and saw undocumented pins on my board

These were the jtag pins for the board so I got my pi ran openocd jtag scanner and came up with jtag tap found Arc international but I couldn’t get any further.

So I went and bought a bus pirate and after fw issues and Linux compiling problems it works !

Tap found arc international same tap found

So look for the chip spec

SMSC was brought out by microchip and can’t find me chip spec anywhere

And now I’m stuck on its ARC and it’s different tool sets and I’m not sure what to do now


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