Issue with x79 chipset , MSI X79A-GD65 (8D) mobo

i have this issue on my x79 chipset based sata ports vanish after restart , but they come back once computer has been offline some time like over night etc. so i wanted give shot trying update sata/raid rom, but on ubu it says that firmware volume is corrupt . when i try use it on bios , i added bios on post, i i appreciate any help (6.04 MB)

i got into bios with ubu succefully now , but it seems that my problem with them are more likely some sort weird hardware issue

@ omglolwetf:
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Before we can try to help you, you should sort out, which specific device is causing your problems.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

well my original post was about my trouble trying open bios on ubu but i managed get that thing sorted , but then real problem is my x79 chipset based (2x sata 3 and 4xsata 2) ports die after i restart computer (they disappear from bios too) but they come back if i keep longer break , so i tested multiple different Rst/Rste versions see if it would fix issue , but since it did not work , think actual issue is hardware based one , and once i have time i will replace thermal paste under x79 chipset see if it would help it

I wonder, how you you will manage to do that. Or do you mean the thermal paste under your CPU? CPU and Chipset are totally different devices.

yep . i mean chipset for my board it should look like this . but ofc since taking chipset cooler off , means taking apart entire computer , is something that i cannot do that right now and is huge pain in ass, also if that not gonna fix it i am prolly gonna just have stop restarting pc and just keeping it on entire days or look for new mobo , but thanks for trying giving help