Killer Internet Drivers Win10

Is there anywhere I can find all the killer internet drivers for older build of windows 10? The website only has 1803 and newer rn

You are right,also you may not be able to find more drivers (if any) for older versions of windows 10,and to be honest you should not look for them anyway
just update your windows 10 to the latest (via media creation tool,update assistant tool or through windows update).besides newer drivers usually means bug fixes,feature updates and so on,same goes for the windows 10,it only gets better

Even the new drivers should work on older Windows 10 Builds. Here is the latest collection:…0#post-11094979

Yeah Im thinking about installing Killer drivers on everything and getting rid of Netlimiter(live on a piece of land with shitternet that saturates easily so I have to limit things) becauser Netlimiter adds severe lag and lack of performance and Killer Intelligence Center is far superior latency wise so Im gonna take a lappy killer wifry(wifi is toxic microwaves quit bathing yourself in this poison gonna put some copper tape with conductive adhesive on it so it doesnt fry me, 2 layers seperated with clear packing tape for isolation and solid faraday caging) card I have and enable Killer Intelligence Center on all my pcs. The Intelligence Center installs with the driver install but requires you to enable it with microsoft store cause its a uwd feature but you can just go to "C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\RivetNetworks.KillerControlCenterBeta_3.1021.509.0_x64__rh07ty8m5nkag\KillerControlCenter_v2\KillerIntelligenceCenter.exe" and create a shortcut and launch it that way some of the things dont work right but the Priority control which is what you really want works fine. Killer Intelligence is in another league of performance over Netlimiter its not even close infact Netlimiter is overall just a badly coded app in general once you compare the performance of the 2.

unfortunately that collection of newer drivers is no longer available as the site went down for good on Jan. 31, 2022

Thanks for sharing. It’s really helpful for me.