Kingston HyperX Predator SHPM2280P2H/480G

I have SSD Kingston HyperX Predator [SHPM2280P2H/480G] and I inserted it into the server. The server is on the system Windows Server 2003, spetification server SuperMicro X8DT6.
The SSD is not detected automatically, in the Device Manager the following

In the equipment id codes the following information

The driver can not be found on it, it is not installed.
How can I install this SSD?

@sidanarchy :
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I will try to help you this evening, when I have the required time to search for a solution.
Which name has the SATA AHCI Controller, which is managing the SSD?
Dieter (alias Fernando)

@sidanarchy :
According to my knowledge the Kingston Hyper X SSDs are using a Marvell SATA Controller.
So you should search for a suitable AHCI driver on the Kingston or Marvell Support pages.
Another problem is your currently used OS, which doesn’t support modern hardware. My advice: You should better use Windows Server 2012/2016 or Windows 10.