I have updated the Windows 10 v1909 laptop system ASUS 53TK-SX037V to the 2004 version.
The following graphics cards are installed in the laptop:
1. integrated with the AMD RADEON HD 7600M processor,
2. AMD RADEON HD 6480G second graphics card.
The computer is equipped with a 240 GB SSD drive.

After installing the system update, it turned out that graphics cards work only with drivers
provided by Windows Update. These are the drivers: for HD 7600M - v15.21.1151.1008,
for HD 6480G - v15.201.1151. The integrated card does not work with other newer drivers,
and for the second one you can’t install newer drivers. Installed drivers cause
that the computer starts up longer (after displaying the blue symbol the screen goes blank for 90 seconds, and after that the system starts), it also turns off much longer (by about 120 seconds).
After installing the system update, I found that the DVD drive was not installed.
Only after updating the drivers using the DRIVER BOOSTER program did the DVD drive appear in the system.
Does anyone have an idea to eliminate the malfunction of graphics drivers?

One mistake is that you’ve instantenously jumped to 2004 without waiting a month or two so that they would iron out the post-release bugs. If I were you, I’d either revert back to 1909 or if you really want 2004, clean-install it. Maybe those are just issues related to doing an in-place upgrade.

I Second the above