Latest AMIBCP For 11Th Gen i7

Does anyone know where i could download the suitable AMIBCP program for my i7 laptop?

Thank you.

There are no recent “leaks” of this PAYED AMI Tool, use IFR extract tool on SETUP modules.

EDIT: Flashing AMIBCP…lol, care to explain a little better what youre trying to achive?
AMIBCP breaks most AMI V bioses
Modern AMI Core V bios mods are done with RU tool and IFR tool/HEX edit, on Intel systems, FPT bios region dump for mod and flash is the best option, risk is always present.

AMIBCP 5.02.0031 seems to be working OK, but now i need a way of flashing it

I want to make my own default settings instead of having to keep holding the power button for 20 seconds when something goes wrong

So in a nutshell looking for an AMIFLASH thats modded to allow modded bioses to be flashed.

There is no such thing… you have been around in this forum enough to know this.
As this is an MSI laptop the M-Flash can be a solution as it was in AMI IV and initial AMI V bioses.
To change the “default settings” and if the bios doesnt break the system, the AMIsetup modules and perhaps more modules must be edited.
AMIBCP in AMI V bios can NOT do this as it was in AMI IV bioses, it has no effect and breaks it.
Thats why i pointed you the previous tools.
If you look for recent bios mods with AMI V in the forum (Desktops/Laptops) almost 99% of the mods are done by the mentioned way, so start reading some, specially on laptop mods.
Over_N_Out, good luck.

TIP: Search LOST and default settings, terms in forum.

don’t risk system break
this captures full bios setting or admin access for faster reload customized setup after reset.

OC TAB > overclock domain >oc feature enabled

Dont think this has the save OC profile option

try first enable OC FEATURE
,.,.my GT75 have after this OC TAB > here is possible save my profiles

or i think from ADMIN mode > SAVE domain also contains this function :thinking:

mod is probarly possitible ,.,.only must uses FPT “bios region only on unlocked state” and AMI BCP
but exist risk for brick ! ,.,.this is tested only for older APTIO5 bios “MSI” or some modern :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
,.,.but most time i have HW backup “hwprogramer”

AMIBCP_5.02.0034 “last version what exist from 5.x.x.x”
AMIBCP_5.02.0034.rar (3.7 MB)

i not see USER PROFILE function in your bios :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

you need to many setting for customize ??
think about how many times you have to do a bios reset “one configuration is for forever”
,.,.only the first adjustment takes time and patience :smiley:

don’t risk broken bios :wink:

No it doesnt have a profile save feature, which is why i want to flash my own stable defaults, bit of a stupid decision by MSI to not include any sort of way to save your settings.

Version 4.53 successfully copes with most BIOSes of Chinese motherboards on sockets 2011, 1356 and some others.

For Chinese boards on socket 2011-3, version AMIBCP 5.02 is suitable.

added video example of working with the program

:exploding_head: Like and repost.

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