Layman seeking help to fix Intel MEI firmware causing unexpected laptop shutdowns every 30 minutes

Hi, complete computer layman here. My laptop (HP Pavilion 15) started unexpectedly shutting down with no warning a few months ago and through months of testing, googling and troubleshooting I was able to determine that it would shut down exactly 30 minutes after starting up ONLY when the “Intel Management Engine Interface” would disappear from System Devices under the Device Manager. I would have to reboot several times to make it reappear and my laptop work without shutting.

I was able to find this website through googling things like “unexpected shutdown laptop 30 minutes Intel MEI” and came across a few posts talking about things like “flashing” the firmware that were very difficult t follow and understand.

Basically I’m hoping for step by step layman’s guide on how I can fix this problem. I’m willing to provide whatever information is required

Please assist

It is very likely that the ME firmware is corrupted and repairing that can be fairly hard so I suggest you consult someone who can help with such things or take it to a repair shop who can follow the instructions below. The general steps are the following:

1. Determine the exact ME firmware version your system is using. Knowing the exact laptop model name should help with that.
2. Since you cannot use MEI drivers, run “MEInfo” and “MEManuf” command line tools with “-verbose” parameter under DOS or EFI environment. That way we’ll know if the firmware is corrupt or not.
3. Determine if you have read/write access to the ME firmware region of the systems SPI/BIOS chip by following [Guide] Unlock Intel Flash Descriptor Read/Write Access Permissions for SPI Servicing
4. Gain read/write access to the ME region of the SPI/BIOS chip, dump its firmware, follow [Guide] Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization and flash back the resulting repaired image.