legion y520 help bios moding isydeh20 ver 5 bios.

@zain.dev - Very confusing, why are you posting that here/now?? It’s normal, so I do not need to see, but I am now unsure what you are doing, if you followed my instructions at post #19 or not?
I need a new vars dump (Current/NOW), is that way you’ve attached above?

ok plz just ignore the second part of my last post then ,yeah you didnt ask to see it but i just provided it for you to help you understand more what i got when executing the commands .

anyway also in my last post i provided new vars dump you asked for here :

you can find it in the attachments at post #20

Thanks for clarifying I checked, the new vars dump contains the changes, so they went in properly and this (FPRR) can only be disabled via direct BIOS Mod then, so you will need to get the programmer and SOIC8 test clip w/ cable as suspected from the get-go.
Sometimes we get lucky and you can disable this way, but not today

well to be honest i wasnt expecting my luck to be good this time , and iam not gonna expect it to be good ever
ok then i will place the order for the tools now , and i will inform you when i got them in hands
is there anything to do right now ?
it is safe to open the bios and change some settings? or its better not to do anything until we completely mod the bios ?

@zain.dev - One last thing we can try, change setu0p instead of NVRAM/vars, settings are generally used from/stored at NVRAM/vars, but sometimes could be pulled from/used from setup.
However, sometimes a lock like this is in a module itself, not a BIOS setting, while there is a BIOS setting for this in your BIOS, this is not always how it’s implemented and a BIOS module has a lock inside it that settings cannot touch

H2OUVE.exe -gs -all Setup.txt

And yes, you can change BIOS settings anytime you want I am still not 100% sure I can unlock your menu, still looking, but I am 100% sure if the above doesn’t work you’ll need flash programmer
If I can’t get it unlocked for you, the guys over at BIOS-mods.com forum will for sure

  • i ordered the tools today and they are expected to arrive within 3 days hopefully …
    i think if we got the flash programmer and the cable its gonna be a lot easier to mod the bios cause its gonna be like direct injection into the bios chip and there is no software blocking rules to deal with right ?

    - i tried this new command : H2OUVE.exe -gs -all Setup.txt
    but nothing happened … :<br />

    @ Lost_N_BIOS
    just wondering :
    is there any chance to edit the official bios updater tool to make it inject the moded bios into the chip , or its not that easy like how iam thinking of it
    because the files that you are sending me is really look like it , but maybe in a diffrent version of it
    i have two previous versions of my pc bios updater tool if you want to take a look at it , i can upload it to you .

@zain.dev - try that same command, but from all the H20UVE versions like before, see if any create setup.txt for you or not (if yes, send me the folder of versions that do)

Mod the BIOS in regards to doing the actual unlock does not matter how we flash or not, I need to figure out the actual edit, once you have programmer flashing is not a problem because you will program it in.
However, yes, it may be possible to flash in mod BIOS with modified stock flash items (I would edit iscflash dll or sys file), sometimes that works, sometimes not. What BIOS version do you have in there now, and please link me to it’s EXE
I will then extract the BIOS and all the flash files, make a single edit like update a microcode or change a setting, then you try to flash it with the package I send you, then show me error. Then I will edit file to bypass that error and send you the mod file to replace, then you try flash again.

If that works, we still need to wait on programmer, because I am still not 100% sure on menu edit, so it may brick if I am wrong, so best to wait until you have programmer in hand and backup made that I check for you to verify it’s good.
Or, you can ask for unlocked BIOS over at BIOS-mods.com, but not sure if they will make for you from BIOS region dump only, since you need flash programmer to flash it in - https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-R…ion-Y520-15IKBN
I think the unlock is in routine 610, but not 100% sure (jump x2 to A0E - anyone reading confirm for me, that would be great )


- tried to do that on all version and unfortunately they all failed or nothing happened .


i got it , we can try it if it is safe to do so , or maybe after i got the programmer .
i have the latest bios update from lenovo website version 4KCN45WW
this is the link to it :

also i have the bios updater tool for an old bios version “4KCN43WW” on my hard drive, but this one is not installed on my pc .
although its can be installed on my pc but first i need to check downgrading option at bios menu to allow it to run .
unfortunately there is no official link to it on lenovo website anymore … but i have it on my hard drive and its fully working and can downgrade my pc bios version , i can upload it to you if you need it .

thanks for the link !
its appear that everyone on that site is asking to modify the stock bios but the modder is always saying its only flashable by spi programmer so yeah its better to wait for the spi programmer i think…

hey! @Lost_N_BIOS
today i got the spi programmer in hands with the cable :smiley:
can you send me some links or instructions how to use it and backup my original bios system and install the modded bios and all this stuff please

post update :
i did some researches on the internet on how i can use the SPI programmer and i did manage to make it work and i installed the software and the drivers too.
then i opened my laptop looking for the bios chip and i found two chips that look like they are flashable chips near the NVME SSD slot , but i couldnt identify wich one is bios chip also i couldnt find anything on the internet that can help me to… so i decided to read the data from the both chips and upload it to you with the name that written above each one of it :
the first chip is : Winbond 25Q80JVSIQ 1744
the second one is : Winbond 25Q64JVSIQ 1743

*the files in the attachment is linked as its numbered above .

lenovo legion y520 both chips.zip (5.27 MB)

@zain.dev - here is guide - [GUIDE] Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer
And here is software package - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…695330485827902<br />
This one is your BIOS - 25Q64JVSIQ

Use 1.29 or 1.30 and W25Q64BV ID - Dump BIOS and send to me before you erase or write anything - that way we know you have good dump before you do anything else.
If you get unlocked BIOS from dudu2002 you can write in with FPT as we’ve been doing.

Ohh, you already did, sorry, was replying before I read all that and noticed the attached files What did you dump the above files with, what software and what version?
Dump looks good

hey @Lost_N_BIOS thanks for the reply!
come on man!, you always answering before reading the whole post :V

yeah i dumped the chip using the programmer and its software also using onother laptop ,(i provided the dumps as an attachment in the last post , file name is lenovo second chip.bin ). the dumps is saved in the other laptop too in case something happened i can rewrite the original data …

do we still need the old files the we dumped before ?

i just posted on the bios-mode.com site and i waiting dudu’s answer

I know, I reply as I read, and then talk too much, so don’t want to erase all I wrote by the time I get to the end
Yes, keep FPT backup too, in case programmer dump is not good (looks OK though )

hey @Lost_N_BIOS
after i got my laptop bios advanced menu unlocked , i found out that i cannot change most of my cpu settings due to corrupted ME data (as what you told me before) and you might be able to fix it for me and give me some extra tweak abilities to the settings .
i dumped my bios file using the SPI programmer with my current settings to this file at the attachment :
plz take a look at it

additional informations :
lenovo legion y520

Intel ME Version: 11.8, Build 3510, Hot Fix 55
Intel ME Recovery Image Version: 11.8, Build 3510, Hot Fix 55
Intel ME FITC Version: 11.8, Build 3399, Hot Fix 50

zain dev unlocked bios.zip (5.24 MB)

Well, since you kept wanting me to just fix the ME FW on the unlocked file instead of sending me a new/current dump, I assumed that was what you wanted in PM…
So, I fixed the original unlocked file and sent you in PM. Do you now want me to swap that ME FW and unlocked FD to the above file instead?

* Edit - the dump above is not a new dump, this is 100% match to the unlocked file you sent me on 4/22, so the above file is already modified (unlocked FD and fixed updated ME FW), sent to you in PM about 10 minutes before this reply

Hi I am new to Bios modding but know a bit. I want to get my Bios modded to get advanced options to change ram timings and overclock it. I have the .fd extracted from the latest Bios .exe . Please somebody help me do it. I don’t want to open my laptop and to deal with spi programmers. Please suggest a software only way if possible.processor is i7 7700hq . Link to Bios exe- https://download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles/4kcn45ww.exe
Please list all the necessary steps. I am a beginner.

i have linked the biosreg file based on reading answers on the forum - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PWFp4WK…iew?usp=sharing
Edit: I tried flashing the dump and got error - https://drive.google.com/file/d/14CzH2kN…iew?usp=sharing (screenshot attached)


@intello - moved your request to another thread already created for this model. As you can see here, flash programmer is required for this model, example items required are linked at post #9 of this thread

Thanks for replying but my model is different from the one previously mentioned and the bios is also different I think.

@intello - How is your model different, it’s Lenovo Y520 correct? And it’s full model is what you used in your original title which I left in placed, y520-15IKBN, correct? If yes, this is same/same, everything you see in this thread applies to your system
I can unlock this BIOS, but you need flash programmer to program it in. So you need to get those tools, dump BIOS and send to me, then I unlock and you program it back.

Ok I’ll check and tell cause I am a 16 year old whose dad probably won’t allow that. :()

@Lost_N_Bios can u send me H20UVE versions too that you sent to zain.dev so that I too can check for myself. Thanks

@intello - Well if you are not allowed, then nothing you can do until you are in control of the situation

H20UVE here, but it wont help you with anything, unless zain.dev was doing something wrong. This is used to dump and then unlock variables, which we already tested out on this model and it didn’t work

Dump vars with all versions using command below, then copy folder and delete everything out except the vars.txt and send to me, this way all vars.txt is kept in place with the version that created it
H2OUVE.exe -gv vars.txt