Legion Y540 Bios Password

I set a supervisor password for my laptop a while ago and I forgot it. Is it possible to extract it from the dump or modify a flashable image to reset the password?

I can’t attached the files because I’m a new member.

Please explain in details or link to other topics if possible as I have no experience in bios programming.

Laptop info:
Laptop: Lenovo Legion Y540-15IRH
Model: 81SX
Motherboard model: Lenovo LNVNB161216
BIOS version: Insyde H20 BHCN44WW

LENOVO BIOS AUTO-PATCHER for Supervisor Password Removal - Badcaps

Unfortunately, that tool only works on Intel cpus up to 8th gen while mine is 9th. I also did some reading here, and it looks like any bios flash even with a programmer will brick the board if it’s not signed. Is it possible to extract the password from the dump?

That tool was linked because usually the data on bios regarding passwords is encrypted on Lenovo systems.

Here’s a thought. I was fiddling around and I was able to disable FPRR and BIOS lock through H2OUVE by reading the variables from IFR extractor. I also found the prompt asking for the supervisor password. However, the offset doesn’t even exist in H2OUVE. Can this be exploited in some way?