Legion Y740-15IRHg - iCUE sees wrong keyboard layout

My Lenovo Legion Y740-15IRHg has been motherboard replaced by service, however while they correctly updated MTM and Serial Number they forgot to save configuration for keyboard layout. As a result when i run Corsair iCUE it shows German layout and hence turns off led lighting for Enter and Backslash keys - german layout has different keys in this place, layouts do not match with physical layout which is English QWERTY.

So question is how do they program this. My assumption is that in a same way as serial and mtm, using LVAR. My suspect is /kd which is Keyboard ID property. However this is only my assumption…

Anyone experimented with this? Anyone with access to Y740-15IRHg can tell what /kd property holds for their machine?

Any hint would be much appreciated

Attached picture shows iCUE screenshot (upper part) and physical keyboard layout (lower part of the picture). iCUE ‘thinks’ it is German while actual physical layout is English QWERTY.

2021-06-21 17_08_14-y740 keyboard rgb light issue.docx - Word.jpg