Lenovo AM6672

I have a Lenovo Thinkpad NVME I picked up that I can’t seem to find drivers for(Win7 or Win10).

FRU 00UP706

Made by Union Memory.

I search the Lenovo site and got nada?? Any help would be much appreciated!!


What model Thinkpad?


Do you find a solution ?
I have the same problem than you.
I got a Lenovo Thinkpad X280, but NVME is not detect.

Thank you.

@rsvincef1 - you probably need NVME Mod BIOS, please link me to your latest BIOS download page
@jetman6 - same ^^

Not sure, it works with 64 bits, not in 32.
I have to deploy this computer under 32 bits.
Seems like a missing driver.

32/64 bit has nothing to do with any of this. Please link me to your latest stock BIOS download