Lenovo Carbon X1 7th gen totally dead after botched BIOS update.

A friend gave me his x1 carbon 7th gen. He was doing a bios update via the lenovo software. The unit rebooted and as far as I know flashed the bios. Then afterwards rebooted to a black screen. After waiting a really long time the machine was finally powered down and will not turn back on and has no signs of charging (no light) my meter just shows its taking 20v 0.1 amp. Would charging and power on be controlled by the bios/efi? When I goto Lenovo support enter the serial for the laptop and download the bios update I get like 4 folders with .fl1 and .fl2 files. Seems fl1 is the bios but I’m also not sure which of the 4 folders would contain the correct file. Perhaps some info on the board or the chip it’s self would shed more light?

I also pulled the main battery and cmos battery just in case the smc had freaked out and needed to be drained of all power. No luck there.

I am ok with removing the bios chip and reflashing it in a programmer. Could it be that simple? I’m just really surprised the main bios would control power on and charging. I am still fairly new to all this so I am learning as I go.

Thanks in advance, and I am glad really smart folks like you exist!