Lenovo Ideacentre Y910 Mod

Hi everyone, this is my first post and I’m newbie on this thing of modding I was trying to mod my bios but I was not able to get fully what I want, anyway I want to say thanks because lot of information came from this fantastic web page.
I have a Lenovo Ideacentre Y910 27" its an all in one pc that try to be an gaming PC. Unfurtunelly Lenovo leave’s Y910 onwners with out a final bios update (regarding 7ºGen CPUs microcode). I have a ch413a reader and I did a backup of my bios and I was trying to mod my bios in differents ways. Finally I got 2 things:
1- Update my bios with UBU, undervolt my CPU and add differents tags to my bios menu (with AMIBCP application). But I was no able to add cpu and memory overclock tags on bios menu and 7ºGen microcode to my bios.
2- Look for a similar mainboard Gigabyte (H170Wifi), download its last bios, mod it and insert that bios to my Lenovo pc. I know it’s a crazy thing but I’m a little brave and crazy. Doing this I got an almost fully pc with on 2 thinks that doesn’t work (I have no sound and I have fully working Lan (an wifi) but another Eth Lan that doesn’t work and appears with conflict in Device Management because (it doesn’t exist). The rest is working (but I suppose that I have more internal incompatibilities). In other hand I gain with a beautiful Gigabyte bios menu.
I need some help or someone that could fix my bios files. Thanks in advance.