Lenovo Ideapad - Help with compatible Intel Iris Graphics driver

Can someone please help me update to the recommended compatable driver for Intel Iris I am tryin to run the driver download from intel but that one does not seem to work. I believe my driver should be compliant to this for COD someone please help some archived driver downloads on sites seem to download but do not seem to run on cmd.


Can’t see why this driver shouldn’t work. Otherwise no model or further information given.

I have tried downloading this and now I am getting a different error message. Before this is the message I forgot to

make attached … I have tried already to download this one ‘This download installs Intel® Graphics Driver (WHQL Certified) for Intel® Arc™ A-Series Graphics, Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics, and Intel® Core™’…

additionally… I am trying the URL you provided but I believe it is the exact same Iris update I found on Lenovo and Intel, for some reason this version in COD is not there. Any other solutions? Would anything AMD work for my Lenovo? however it is not compliant now I am getting a different error message in COD after going through the installation and even trying one more time . the error message I was seeing before this message showing: error message I am encountering fo rthis specific driver

Additionally I have rebooted and seen messages saying it is playable… however I am now encountering the following error? I have uninstalled and re-

installed the driver link again?
Does this error message pertain to something non-driver specific?

Does the system refuse to install latest Intel® Graphics Driver (WHQL Certified) ?
What’s the exact model of the machine/gpu model?