Lenovo IdeaPad S205 - Module updates

Hello, I am looking for a way to update the crucial EFI modules and OROMs in this netbook’s BIOS. It is based on the AMD A50M chipset and seems to have Phoenix EFI. I use it to boot Windows 8.1 and Linux both in UEFI mode. However I can’t shake off the feeling that the performance is worse since I switched from legacy to UEFI.

Looking through the BIOS with UEFITool I found only two option roms:
- a video bios for the HD6310 (1002:9802) and
- a Realtek PXE (10ec:8136).

Moreover, I couldn’t find any EFI module for video, SATA, or PXE. There is a SataController.efi (4EEF2D60-0E00-11DE-8C30-0800200C9A66), but it is rather small and different from all modules offered in this forum.
Other similar models like the ThinkPad x121e appear to have the same BIOS structure.

So far I have successfully replaced the video bios I took from the x121e and the Realtek PXE with a newer version from this forum.

Is there anything more that can be done?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Here is an archive with two firmware files, that can be found inside the temporary WinFlash folder when the update executable is started:

@ k3nny:

Notebooks and netbooks have very limited BIOS features and usually do not support at all the SATA mode "RAID". That will be the reason why you cannot find any RAID OROM or EFI RAID module within the BIOS of your netbook.

I doubt, that the worse performance has been caused by the UEFI mode itself. Maybe you haven’t yet optimized your system after having installed the OS in UEFI mode.


Remember to use Realtek FE PXE 1.34 and not Realtek Gbe 2.59. You have a 8136 device (10/100) and not a 8168 device (10/100/1000). As for EFI drivers, you have some standards ones - UNDI and VGA Driver. I wouldn’t advise you to change those, you never know what dependencies they have.

@Fernando :
I did pretty much I could already. This model is a rather slow one, but mostly sufficient for my needs. I have hoped to get a little bit more out of it, especially since it hasn’t received any updated for quite a long time.

@lordkag :
Thanks for the hint, I was not aware there are different variants available.

Thank you for the comments, I won’t do any more changes.