Lenovo IH61m ver.1.0

Please need some help!
I found 4MB MSI-7788 bios on which the board (IH61M v.1.0) works without problems with the third generation of processors, except for the sensor which does not give good information about the temperature, fan speed and so on. Is it possible to replace the module in the bios for sensor, because MSI use FINTEK, and LENOVO use NUVOTON? I have full dump for programmer for both motherboards

If u find the mentioned "modules"… inside the 2 bios go ahead, since u already cross flashed an MSI with a Lenovo seems u got nothing to loose.
Not much to say about it, right? Wot more "miracles" u want on this…maybe then the rest of the embeded code doesnt care…lol, never say never again humm

I would ask for help as I don’t know which bios module it is. here I will add both bios dumps. And the modification is a Lenovo motherboard with msi bios > fintek to nuvoton

Seems that u didnt get the picture… i never saw it done wot u want or even tried.
Play urself with it, Good luck on ur quest.

EDIT: Cant guide anymore… wot ur trying, i myself never done or tried. I never say that its impossible… but seems a mees!!!

Good sense of humor,“Play urself u it”. I didn’t ask for this to play with words, just say impossible or possible! Maybe there are other possibilities, for example I already found a board that has the same nuvoton chip but intel network, maybe it’s easier to turn intel into a realtek lan module, What you think about that ?