Lenovo M900 Tiny Coffee Lake

Has anyone tried getting coffee lake to work on any Lenovo 100/200 series boards? I have an M900 Tiny (Q170) that i want to run a G4900T (906EB i think) on.

I’ve followed the coffee lake guides to modify the vbios and efi GOP, add the correct microcode, and match the right ME version - but all i get is a black screen.

Any insights appreciated.

For anyone in a similar situation with a Lenovo 100 series board, I managed to get this to work by combining the bios section from a Lenovo M910 (Q270) UEFI update with my vbios settings and the right ME version, and then running it through CoffeeTime.

Once flashed it gave two errors about invalid machine type and serial number. You can correct these by booting an efi shell with AMIDEEFIx64.efi (from the UEFI update package) and entering the data from the label on the machine. UUID can be generated using this program as well.

Currently, one DisplayPort doesn’t function and M2 and Sata drives won’t show up in the bios (although they will show up in windows installer). Work in progress.


Great … I planning to buy this tiny PC . but i research how to run 8th intel cpu on it . when i see your thread . i found new hope . Good luck for you . i’m waiting u releash your complete rom perfectly .

@quochung88 I did not continue trying to modify the bios to make the 2nd displayport work. I have my M900 running a G4900t as a Pfsense router (with an M2 to Ethernet card) - one displayport is fine for this use.

While the modded bios has the two issues mentioned, for use as a Pfsense router it works flawlessly.

Can you share bios that you use on your M900 Tiny system?

THX in advance.

Can you share bios that you use on your M900 Tiny system?

THX in advance.

Yes can you please share it
I’m trying to get an i7 7700t to work on Lenovo M900

@IntelModder would you be so kind and share bios that you use on your M900 Tiny system?

THX in advance.

IntelModder does it also work with the i-7 7700 processor and would you share it?

Hi all, I didn’t keep a copy of this bios. Mine is now working with a Skylake Xeon - I sold the 4900T. Everything you need to get it to work should be in the #2 post.

If you need further help another person got this going on theirs here

how to make 16mb bios dump and exchange 3 raw gop vbt file?if i want to exchange them for 203 to 221 then bmp says 221 is to big.the ubu tool does not allow them to be replaced either. the computer is an m900 tiny.

ubu cop1.jpg