Lenovo T440P - corrupte ME (?)

Hello there,

a few days ago i adquiered a lenovo T440P, try it and i notice its suddenly shutdown, after a few times i notice that it was happening every 30 minutes.
the windows device manager didnt show the intel ME, and it was imposible to instal drivers. i updated the the bios but it still is shutting down so i bought a SPI programmer dump the both bios chips and tried to follow this recomendations (by plutomaniac) in the following thread:

- Broken(?) Intel ME on Lenovo ThinkPad T440p

but the step 5 of “Clean Dumped Intel Engine (CS)ME/(CS)TXE Regions with Data Initialization” makes the Flash image tool to close.

not sure where is the problem so i will be very greatful on any advice.

link ti the the dumps.


thanks in advance,