Lenovo ThinkBook 15. Bypass dmi data modification protection.

Hello friends! Until that time, I could modify the bios (nvram dmi) zone of any laptop to my serial number data. Disabled bios lock, spi lock, FPRR, etc. And either through ch341a or fptw did it as needed.

But today I got into the hands of a Lenovo ThinkBook 15 G3 laptop on AMD Ryzen 5 5500u (insyde bios) , in which I cannot change the data by the programmer. Because after rebooting, all laptop data is restored to the original !!
I even removed the BIOS chip from another identical laptop and soldered it into my laptop, and after the first boot of the laptop, the dmi zone data (serial number, model, article, etc.) was recovered from the current laptop (overwriting the data of the second laptop).
This suggests that the BIOS chip and its code does not contain laptop data that are constantly being restored by themselves.
I had an idea that perhaps this data is in another BIOS chip on the board (size 128kb, possibly a Network card), I also dropped it and turned on the laptop without it, but all modifications of the laptop data are still restored.
Tell me how to deal with this phenomenon? Is there a technique? Funds, programmers? How can you block this zone from modifications by the bios itself or delete this code in the bios code …

Is there any information or progress in this direction? Help, friends.

Bios links: Download lenovo bios