Lenovo Thinkcentre M83 Intel vPro Support in BIOS available but not supported by Chipset?


i have a Lenovo Thinkcentre M83 here, which appears to be a M93p with no vPro Support. The M93p has a Q87 Chipset, but the M83 apparently has only a Q85 chipset, that does not support vPro.

The Bios of these systems is however identical: https://download.lenovo.com/pccbbs/think…s/fbjtd8usa.zip

Also in the BIOS, you can access the MBEx settings and configure everything as if on a M93p.

Is this really a hardware limitation and the Q87 and Q85 chipsets really physically different or is the vpro functionality just “disabled” on some Bios level for the Q85 chipset?

If this is the case, did anyone manage to enable vpro functionality on Q85 systems?

I am not sure about it, so if someone else knows for sure, I hope he/she will comment, however I have an idea:
Intel apparently uses internal fuses (probably OTP-memory) to set chipset features. And according to those chipset internal fuses, functionality gets enabled or disabled.
I would guess, that the ME code reads back the fuse values and then enables the corresponding functionality.
That would mean, that you have no chance of enabling the requested vPro functionality.

As I said, this is only an assumption.