Lenovo V570c VBIOS and ME FW Upgrade+ GOP Driver Adding

Hello to everyone. I am using Lenovo V570c notebook. My VBIOS version is 2108.5 but I want to upgrade to 2170. I updated my Intel ME FW version with the update file, but I want to add it to the BIOS. I also want to add and run UEFI GOP driver even if UEFI 2.0 and no Fast Boot (I need unlocked to turn off CSM setting but I don’t know much for Phoenix). Thank you to everyone who helped. :slight_smile:

VBIOS: 2108.5>2170
Intel ME FW:>

My BIOS: Phoenix SecureCore Tiano
UEFI Specification: UEFI 2.0
UEFI Architecture: AMD64 (x64)
BIOS Version: 44CN43WW

44CN43WW.zip (2.24 MB)

2170_SNB_IVB.zip (91.7 KB)

Please help me. :frowning: