Lenovo x131e Type 3368 DA0LI2MB8H0 REV:H downgrade Intel ME

Why not just fix bios dump 3368? without 3367.

@Diep4 - Do you want my help or not? As mentioned, I need you to send me dump of 3367 because I will do two things with that systems ME FW (To the 3368 BIOS), as I said at post #16.
I cannot use 3368 dump as ME Source to fix/downgrade the ME, because you said it’s bugged, so we don’t want the bugged ME FW settings to carry over into anything I do in the new ME FW you want.
We can try that, but it may be a waste of both our times, and waste of one of the possible times you can use your programmer clip before it starts wearing out (the cheap clips only last so many uses then they stop being able to grab chip)

I fixed it myself.

@Diep4 - glad to hear you were able to fix it finally! Thanks for update, I was waiting and wondering if you were going to send me the dumps or not

[quote=Lost_N_BIOS|I was waiting and wondering if you were going to send me the dumps or not [/quote]

Why should I solder another laptop? I came here to debug 3368. And not to hear: “give me a dump of 3367, and then I’ll tell you to write it down in 3368”.
I understand without you that the 3367 is the same as the 3368. Without you I could have taken ME with 3367 and written in 3368. Why should I send you a 3367 dump? - I can immediately write it down in 3368. It is not necessary to break two laptops! You just wanted to copy content from 3367 to 3368. I don’t need it. Any fool knows it.
I had a valid question on 3368!

The official site have full dump.
I cut out the part I needed from him.

@Diep4 - Nobody ever told you to solder or desolder anything, I assumed you had $3 SOIC8 test clip. you are the one that wanted stuff from 3367 in 3368, thus that is only safe way since you said 3367 messed up (so it can’t be used as ME Settings transfer source)
You could have dumped 3367 with software too, if you would have said soldering I would have stopped you right there and went software routes, especially if you said you are not comfortable using a solder iron multiple times
I’d never do that anyway, SOIC8 clip is $3, I would have said to order and wait, or helped you software ways

You are very argumentative, maybe it’s translation issues? I was only trying to help you, with what you requested. You do not need to break anything.
And no, I did not want to copy anything from 3367, only to use it’s ME FW as a known good base to correct 3368 ME FW using Intel FITc… Any fool knows what, what you assumed??? Your assumption was wrong.

Sorry for anything you misunderstood here by me, I think we have some translation issues, I thought you were getting mad and not understanding me before, now I realize this must be true to how how you said things today and some of the wording I can see is translated etc.
Very sorry for any misunderstandings!

Clear official ME

official_ME_clear_v8.1.0.1265.zip (2.49 MB)