lenovo y520 any possibility to modify?

hello good day,

i have a lenovo legion y520 here.

from what i know. you can modify the bios via RU.

thing is you need to know what offsets to modify ofcourse.

anyways. besides that,

is it possible to bios mod the laptop with flashing? it does allow downgrade flashing

anyways… what do i want?

well if possible a unlocked advanced menu.

as far as i know the DVMT of the igpu is 32 mb. but i want to have it set at 64mb. so i can properly fix hackintosh problems.

the second thing. is i’d like to see if i can modify the 1050ti vbios. and i’m atm not sure if the bios is located on the card itself or in the machines bios. I’m still trying to figure it out.

i want to extract the bios from the exe updater. but i cant seem to get it to work so i’ve attached the latest bios for this machine. (this is the EXE flasher that wil put the update in the bios before updating after a reboot)

thank you alot in advance for any information

@sebaskitty - You need flash programmer if you want to unlock BIOS menu, same would apply to vBIOS because it’s in the main BIOS
At least “I think” I can’t remember if we’ve tried dumping only the main DXE volume after vars unlock. Do you want to try this?

Otherwise, yes, we can change any BIOS setting via RU method.

You need to use innoextract tool to extract the Insyde EXE from the Lenovo one
Then you can extract the BIOS from Insyde EXE via 7zip or run exe and grab BIOS from Temp, you will then need to cut 8MB BIOS from the 8.63MB FD to get actual “BIOS” only
Anyway, I don’t need that from you, only mention so you know more about doing it yourself if you ever need. What BIOS version are you using now?

currently on bios number 4KCN45WW
with EC version 4KEC45WW

this bios allows downgrade/reflashing of the same bios version

in terms of a flash programmer. a rasberry pi could technically be used for this. but i do plan on buying a real flash programmer sometime so it can be done properly