Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB Agera-SVT how to get bios file *.fd from official file *.exe

I need flash my bios in bricked laptop Lenovo Yoga 910-13IKB Agera-SVT). InsydeH2O BIOS.
Can someone help me to get file *.fd from file *.exe (official bios is available on lenovo web here: /download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles/2jcn36ww.exe 6199664 bytes file).
I used “innoextract.exe” and I have app/2JCN36WW.exe (6143485 bytes file), but I cant’t 7ziped next *.exe file. Why can’t i extract this file?

OK, i did it, i have *.fd file! :slight_smile: SOLVED. Unfortunately, lenovo support did not want to give me the BIOS in the form of a *.fd file, referring to the official Lenovo website with the *.exe file. However, I found a way to get the *.fd file (and other files, e.g. platform.ini) from the *.exe file (e.g. 2JCN36WW.exe). Just use the “innoextract.exe” tool and then run the new file app/ *.exe. App extracts file and ends with an error. (don’t close app!) The extracted files are included in the temporary windows 10 folder (Users / admin / AppData / Local / Temp /). Tadam!

@longj4ck - From that FD, if you are recovering a bricked system, you will need to cut out the BIOS itself. Usually in the FD there is other images that are not part of the BIOS (ie you don’t write to chip etc)
I checked the FD, BIOS image starts at >> 0x97310h and ends at 0x89730Fh = 8MB/8192KB

Yes, I cut the BIOS out of the FD file according to the above instruction (exactly 8MB, 8192kB, 8388608 bytes).I understand that this cut piece will be used to program the bios with an external programmer (e.g. ch341a with SOIC8 clip?). I am currently waiting for the purchased programmer…

However, on this computer, the Yoga 910-13IKB was able to flash someone using emergency bios usb? Maybe someone has tips on how to make such a usb drive and is there any magic key combination for this Lenovo Yoga 910 computer? Maybe I would try such a method first to recover the computer (it turns on, fans are on, only a black screen after an incorrect downgrade).