Lenovo Yoga bios flash. Can be FL1 bios file flashed or converted to flashable bios rom file?

Hi all!

I have a Lenovo Yoga laptop, cant flash the bios for an unknown reason, Lenovo’s program doesn’t do it, so I’ve found the rom file its have an FL1 extension, but not able to flash with winphlash.
Can someone help me to convert the FL1 file to flashable rom file?
The original bios is here: https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/hu/hu/produ…-yoga/downloads

@animatrix11 - What is the eror you get when you run the EXE? And what is this exact model so I can keep BIOS in proper folder.

This exe contains two BIOS, what is your system ID, Family ID, or BIOS ID etc? I can give you converted files, but you can’t flash that using normal tools either, none are complete BIOS (These are only partial updates).
That would need done with WinFlash or non-OEM Phoenix Phlash or WinPhlash, and would probably fail to flash in that manner, since these are not made for that kind of flash.
None of that is ideal, best to find out why the normal EXE wont run the update for you and fix that.