Lets continue on WinCert!


we can continue on WinCert!

As start I created new topic for x86 and x64 systems



@diderius6 @infuscomus @daniel_k @Mov_AX_0xDEAD @skullteria @canonkong @Lost_N_BIOS @Fernando WinCert is open for Win-Raid content


I just register at wincert with my real name Dietmar.

Very much I hope that all the enthusiasts for the beautiful XP will go there also,
just now I feel fresh incoming power


This "friendly IT community" has non-IT forum engine (Invision Board):
- no "spoiler" BB-code
- no raw editing, only web mode


You are right.
But better to have a not so nice place, than no place…

May be we can help moderator of the wincert forum,
for to make it a little better.

I am not good in this but I think,
that here are people, who can do this.
Also the long thread about XP on modern hardware is
intellectual property of the people, who make it


I hope NIM enable BB code in forum settings soon

U really dont mean that… humm? For fun???

By my perception and general remarks, Fernando age is advanced and its time to let it go, Plato should be envolved in his own projects and professional life… these r things that we must respect and not accusing
their decisions for "fun".

All threads contains a lots of info as the one mention but all was provided freely by whoever posted, its not a property to reclaim, agree that should be preserved if possible but thats a bad choice of word.
My opinion only and no intention of personal offense to any one here.

When a post in the loong XP thread is not conform with the forums rules,
in past the content was deleted or the author was asked to do this.
This is ok and everyone can accept this.
When @plutomaniac close the long XP on Modern hardware thread,
no chance of even save some important tutorials was given, nor was told which post was not conform with the forum rules.
And where is reason to delete the whole thread


Doesn’t sound like ‘for fun’? But anyway- you’re not ‘at home’ in a forum, a forum has an owner who offers a place for diskussion but he makes the rules, too. And normally you do transfer the rights on your intellectual property to the forum when posting…

Isn’t this consistent? As written from both of you, there were several violations of the rules that you were warned about already. You can’t expect to be treated the same way if doing the same violation again and again? That’s violating the rules with purpose and it’s disrespect for the forum owner.


Before, I do not get a single warning, that I break a forum rule


MDL is the one that suits our needs.

It’ll likely “last forever”, mod friendly, forum software is nice.
Don’t see a problem with the need of being registered in order to access post’s contents.

100% agree with you.
The substitute of the Win-Raid forum already exist on the MDL forums.

Where? I cannot find it.

Where? I cannot find it.


@genieautravail : Do you seriously believe, that the move of the thread "XP on Modern Hardware" substitutes the Win-RAID Forum?

Hey guys, you can now use BB code on WinCert. So you can now start creating topics and migrate stuff using copy paste method. Just small note, your BB code will be converted HTML, so parsing BB code is usefull for migrating only.

I asked NIM to create new “Drivers field” or similar subforum under “News, Support, Discussion”

I just tested BB code on Wincert.net , works.
Even there is until now no command for Spoiler,
you can make Spoiler in BB code via

[spoildeleteer]Here is your text[/spoildeleteer]


@diderius6 Seems like you find spoiler too :slight_smile:

like in good old China,
comments from me and Bumpy are just deleted here without any comment or reason,
nice forum

Zitat von Gast im Beitrag #19
comments from me and Bumpy are just deleted here without any comment or reason
You are lying and you know it.
I have sent you a PM with a "Last Warning", but you obviously cannot stop insulting the Win-RAID Forum team, whose job is currently hard enough.