Logitech F710 custom drivers unsigned. Can they be signed?

Guys i have a logitech f710 wireless controller and i have a lot of problems with windows 10.
I have a modded driver unsigned that is working well.
Problem is that i have to have secure boot off and driver signature enforcement off everytime i boot.
Can they be signed so i dont have to do that every time?
Or a workaround to not check those drivers only?
Thanks i have uploaded the drivers.

f710_w10_x64.zip (54.7 KB)

@ektorasdj :
Since your request is driver related and not completely off-topic, I have moved it into the "Other Drivers" Sub-Forum.
Now to your question: Yes, it is possible to give your modded driver a digital signature, but - to avoid copyright violation problems with Microsoft - I will not do it for you.
You or anyone else should keep in mind, that the related driver
a) has been compiled by Microsoft and not by Logitech and
b) as being part of the OS Win10 has no associated own digital signature (no *.cat file).
So to be able to sign the driver, the related person has to create a new *.cat file and put its name into the *.inf file as shown here:

XUSB22 driver signature.png

Hello thanks for answering me! I understand and thank you for helping with my problem.
I gave up with these drivers because nothing fixes the problem my controller exhibits.
I bought an usb hub that turns on and off individually the usb ports and for now i get around my problem.