Logitech G-hub offline mode

Hi all! I’m using Logitech G604 mice and this is cool device. But all advanced features of this device (like a side buttons binding) working only with G-Hub software, which requires internet connection for installation and running. I have a need to use logitech devices on PCs without internet connection. Yes, i know that g604 support save profiles to itself memory, but its working unstable, some button binds losts after sometime, idk why. I’ve detected that LGHUB updater service require connection. Stop the service make it impossible to use ghub application because it trying to connection. So i think that maybe possible to find a way to make this service think that there is a connection without a real connection. So simple question: someone have any idea how to do it or maybe someone have another suggestion?


Better ask Logitech or in their forums…
Blocked in firewall… maybe, but you cant fool what cant be fooled, more and more software on these days have byside user data, also core data outside/cloud service.