Looking for a BIOS modding Mentor

I have two systems I would like to learn how to mod my own BIOSes for one is a Gigabyte X670E xtreme and the other an ASRock X670E Steel Legend.

I am looking at heading down this path as I have a Gigabyte Maple Ridge card that was functioning perfectly fine on my xtreme until I was advised there was a security risk with BIOS boot logos and told I should upgrade… so I did at which time the card simply stopped working… so I regressed the BIOS back to F10 and the card now works again. Strictly speaking this card is not “officially supported” on my board but I don’t see why I should have to give it up because they decided to stop it from working.

Coincidentally the same card works on the Steel Legend as well. I also notice that I can not see the Common Platform Module on the xtreme but I can on the Legend but the xtreme does show the titan ridge menu ( the predecessor to maple ridge )

My xtreme is very easy to update BIOSes on if something goes wrong so I don’t think ill need a BIOS programmer just to modify the BIOS and use the in BIOS flash or at a pinch the QFlash button.

Thanks for your time.