Lost_N_BIOS is now Moderator of the Forum

We are lucky to have someone so knowledgeable and helpful!

Thanks @pipes80 & @chinobino you guys both rock too!!

In last years i have met a few people with a lot knowledge like @Lost_N_BIOS , but no one of them was so helpful like him.

Thanks much @boombastik - that’s awesome, warms my insides

Wow, I realized it today.

Well I congratulate and felicitate you for your new task/function !!!

I like to work with you in a team & appreciate your open kind.

Best regards

Thanks MiesMosel - I always appreciate your help too!


Thanks for this great forum and all your effort. it is much appreciated. And thanks for finding someone(s) capable to take over.



Don’t screw up. LOL.

Congratulations to Lost_N_BIOS !You deserve it

This is an idea I adressed to Fernando. As you are now the Moderator I pass it to you.

Fernando, as a Moderator, together with this forum did some extremly useful things for entire, worlwide computer comunity.

From that fact I got an idea:

Based on Samsung 950 Pro SSD’s NVMe Option ROM, It is probably possible by using a common efforts with other forum members. to make an NVMe Option ROM for new Samsung 970 EVO Plus SSD’s.

I suggest you to open a new tread about it, and who knows - we might all benefit tremendously.

I wish you Happy New Year.


You are very successful bios modder. And you are very helpful person. You don’t say no for modding BIOSes. I am very glad to see you as a moderator.

@AquaMan :
Why do you think, that only a Forum Moderator can realize your idea? Each Forum member (so even yourself) can start a thread about how to get any NVMe SSD bootable while running the OS in LEGACY mode (using the MBR partition scheme).
On the other hand it doesn’t make much sense to start such thread unless the NVMe Option ROM has been successfully extracted from the Samsung 950 Pro SSD chip. AFAIK the required “pure” Option ROM is not yet available.

Congrats Man :slight_smile:

@hass1234 - Thanks

Oh. congratulations. You know I thought you are already an ADMIN or MODERATOR by looking into your posts and seeing your messages in almost everything I searched so far. Looking forward to getting a personal help from you too.

Best of luck!

Congratulations Lost_N_BIOS! Much deserved!!