Lost_N_BIOS is now Moderator of the Forum

@ all:
Do you know the Forum member, who wrote here within the last 6 months 2631 posts full of helpful advices? Probably yes - it is Lost_N_BIOS, who joined this Forum at the 4th of June and advanced within a very short time to the most active and very successful supporter.
That is why the Admins of the Forum asked him already a while ago, if he would be willing to join the Win-RAID Forum Team as a Moderator. Today we got his agreement and we are very happy about that.

@Lost_N_BIOS :
On behalf of all Forum members I want to thank you for your great offer to help us with the moderation of our Forum.
It is a pleasure for us to work with you - congrats and welcome on board!

Kind regards

Thank you to everyone for the continued recognition of how much I try to help users, and thank you all very much for requesting and welcoming me into the Win-Raid Team! I appreciate all of your support and votes of confidence!
I will do my very best to continue to prove to be a helpful and supportive Win-Raid team member! Happy to join the team, thanks again to you all!


Congratulations mate.

Thank you @Sylar76 !!


Congratulations - well deserved!

Amazing talent! A big help for me, a newbie

who landed in the BIOS/Firmware jungle due to

a flaky motherboard!

@Lost_N_BIOS Congratulations mate. I hope you hang around for years to come. :slight_smile:

Big thanks to you all, I appreciate it! @Shad0w59 @maxdata @elitethem

Congratulations Lost_N_Bios. Well deserved for your ongoing help.

congrats ,he helped lot of plp.

Thanks to you both, I really appreciate it and thanks for noticing my support efforts too! @nofearek9 @oldirdey (you help me too, so thank you as well for that!)

You are good and deserve it. Congrats! All the best and happy holidays! :slight_smile:


Hey nice one… I think you’d make a good mod… Hopefully this place won’t require too many mods…

It’s nice and peaceful here, let’s keep it that way (i.e.don’t be afraid to use the banhammer on trolls. :P).

Thanks @simeongg and @Pill_Monster appreciate all the support and congrats! I agree Pill Monster, I like nice friendly, peaceful, and non-restrictive environments too!

Trolls always gotta go!

Congratulations Lost_N_BIOS. You deserve it for your work. A cordial greeting.

Thank you @junjoo I really appreciate it! And thanks again for brining your CH341A guide over here too!


Congrats mate @Lost_N_BIOS

Thanks to the both of you @davidm71 @rootuser123 I appreciate it!

good news…top User!