LSI raid controller+ SSD raid0

hello. I am well aware that TRIM does not reach the SSD’s behind the hardware raid controller (LSI MegaRaid card). At the moment I’m running 2 Seagate Cheetah 15k7 SAS hard drives in Raid 0. Both drives are fairly new (~2TB data pumped trough) so they should last for a while. Still, I am getting tired of noise slowly (SAS drives are quite loud, two at once even more so)

Please recommend SSD that would work in RAID 0 array without major performance issues (caused by onboard RAM or whatever other reason), without TRIM. I’m ready to do overprovisioning if need be.

I’ve watched Patriot Torch (WinXP/Vista official support) drives but they are cheap-end drives and they have their issues once you mix read’s and writes (sudden huge performance drops). What else could handle trimless environment well? OWC ? (3rd party drives for MacOS). Something else I’ve missed?


Pretty much every SSD with garbage collection should work.
Some people report better performance without TRIM on some hackint0ch systems.
They only use the garbage collector of the SSD, because Apple limits TRIM support to certified drives.

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As mr_nuub already stated, you should look for SSDs with a good Garbage Collection (GC). Furthermore you have to make sure, that there is always enough free space available (the GC needs much more time than TRIM for its cleaning work).

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