LVAR error "Can not initialize WinIo"

Hey! Could anyone help me solve this problem? I cannot do anything in LVAR. It just gives me this error - Can not initialize WinIo Please execute with admin authority and make sure DLLs and SYSs exist. What am I missing? I tried to copy and rename the WinIo64.dll and WinIo64.sys files to WinIo.dll and WinIo.sys as well as running the cmd as administrator to no avail.
Also… Does anyone know the correct System SKU for Lenovo Legion Y540-15IRH? After replacing the motherboard the Lenovo service forgot to rename it correctly and Vantage Edge is not working for me.

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Screenshot 2021-02-08 202743.png

Heyy, did you fix yours? I have the same stuff missing and vantage also does not work. Same model as yours, if you could help me.