m18xR2 Bios Mod to support Clevo GPU's in Windows 7 UEFI for 880m, 970m, 980m, etc...

Hey Everyone,
I’ve been tinkering with my Alienware m18xR2 bios and have been able to SUCCESSFULLY update MANY, MANY, MANY, SEVERAL modules. Here is what I’ve been able to do so far:
1) Updated the Intel RST OpRom from v11.6 to v12.9.0.2006 )TRIM is supported in RAID0
2) Updated the Intel RST UEFI Module from v11.6 to TRIM is supposedly supported in RAID0 - Need someone to install windows in UEFI mode from DVD drive to test to confirm that this is the case!
3) Updated Atheros AR81xx Lan Card & PXE Boot Module from v2.0.5.9 to v2.0.6.6 - confirmed working
4) updated the Intel Sandy bridge GOP Driver to v 2.0.1024 - confirmed working
5) Updated the Intel IvyBridge GOP Driver to 3.0.1030 - confirmed working
6) Updated vBIOS from v2138 to v2171 for HD3000 onboard Video card (SandyBridge) - confirmed working
7) Updated vBios from 2138 to v2171 for HD4000 onboard Video Card (IvyBridge) - confirmed working
8) Unlocked Bios with all menu settings showing (A11) - confirmed all menu options available
9) Updated microcode for Intel SandyBridge 2960XM CPU from v28 to v29. - Confirmed Working
I can upgrade other CPU microcodes, too. Just please send me a request. It SHOULDN’T take more than a few minutes to update microcode on other CPU’s, but I’ll need that info if you want me to do so!
10) Updated the GOPPolicy Module - Confirmed Working
12) I updated a few other modules, but they are not really being used yet as they are actually going to be used to give us support fo CLEVO GPU’s in UEFI (assuming I can get it to work).

My goal is to have this bios modded to support ALL Clevo GPU’s (880m, 970m, 980m) and even in SLI. I’m looking for people who can either help and/or are willing to test what I’ve done so far.
Also, if you’d like me to update the CPU MICROCODE for your specific CPU, please PM me with your CPUID, and I’d be happy to do so as it only takes a couple of minutes to do… :slight_smile:

I hope this can help a lot of people - I know it’s helped me out a TON, ALREADY, and I’m not even done yet! LoL
A BIG THANK YOU goes to Fernando for giving me the guides and support when updating the GOP Drivers!