M4A77D Success - I think?!?

Followed Fernando’s suggestions here and updated my BIOS for the latest CPU microcodes and both option roms for the AMD RAID and Realtek Ethernet chips! Or at least I think I succeeded… Is there a way to verify the version of the OROM files from within windows? That would help me be sure!

You can verify the successful BIOS modding by opening the modded BIOS with the AMI MMTool, extracting the updated PCI ROM modules and comparing them with the original PCI ROM modules. This can be done with an Hex Editor.

I guess I was looking for a way to verify after flashing it. The version number reported by the BIOS doesn’t change, since I only updated the OROMs and microcode of the existing ROM.

The BIOS doesn’t report any version number of the inserted Option ROM modules. That is why I gave you the advice to extract the PCI ROM modules, which you have updated, from the modded BIOS and to open the modules with an hex editor. This way you can find the version (but it may take some time to get them visible on the text code side).
Nevertheless the AMD RAID Utility should splash up and show its version while booting, if you are running the AMD SATA Controller in RAID mode. If you shouldn’t use the RAID mode, the update of the AMD RAID ROM was useless anyway.

Thanks Fernando! Awesome forum, btw! So I verified everything in an indirect sort of way. I flashed my new BIOS, rebooted and then used AFUDOS to extract the firmware from the board. When I pull the OROMs from the BIOS pulled from the board, they are the updated versions. Success!!!