manually change pcie device power state?

In windows is there a way to manually change pcie device power state? a registry key or something?

my pci-e usb2.0 card seems to be stuck in D3 power state and I’d like to manually change it.


changing USB selective suspend in power options seems to have set it to D0 - good.


do you know if it’s possible to set power states in XP textmode setup?

currently my pcie USB2.0 card doesn’t power up in XP textmode setup and I’d like to be able to, so then I can use my iodd 2531 to install XP


This has nothing to do with powerstate.
All the usbdrivers are loaded to late.
I gave a short tutorial in the XP on modern hardware thread here

It could still be a power state issue - this usb 2.0 card wasn’t working in windows 10 either until I changed power settings


too late even for usb 2.0 cards?

can you show me?


Windows XP SP3 32bit and modern PC parts (20)


thanks, i will try that