Marvell SE9120 Sata Firmware

Dear Fernando, I found you somewhere from a forum name winlite and I managed to flashed my Mobo that with intel ICH8r raid with the latest firmware and It works well. Thanks ,Now I got this some old question to ask, since u are no longer support on winlite forum. So question is I want to flash my Marvell 88SE9120 and my MOBO is ASUS P8P67LE. When try to flash the Marvell_DEV_9123_AHCI_ROM_v1.0.0.1033 by using MMTool Aptio and I saw some other Link id 1b4b,9120/1b4b,9130/1b4b,91a0/1b4b,91b0. Possible replace them all with the 1b4b-9120_1001033.bin?


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Since I don’t have much time today, I will answer this evening.


There is no need to update any Marvell AHCI ROM module of your mainboard BIOS, because there is already the latest v. in it.
I just downloaded the latest BIOS v3703 for your mainboard and found at least 4 Marvell AHCI ROM modules within the CSMCORE file:
1. CSMCORE module shown as 1b4b-9120 > inside is the correct and latest ROM v1.0.0.1033 for DEV_9120
2. CSMCORE module shown as 1b4b-9130 > inside is the ROM v1.0.0.1029 for DEV_9123
3. CSMCORE module shown as 1b4b-91a0 > inside is the ROM v1.0.0.1033 for DEV_9120
4. CSMCORE module shown as 1b4b-91b0 > inside is the ROM v1.0.0.1029 for DEV_9123
Since the Marvell AHCI Controller of your mainboard obviously has the DeveviceID 9120, everything is fine and actual.
The other 3 Marvell AHCI ROM modules are not needed and will not be used by the system. ASUS obviously was too lazy to remove the old Marvell AHCI ROM modules v1.0.0.1029.


Hey thank alot. Fernando. Since I was too excited and I already flashed it and it works but is kind of chill =.=’. Beside I replace marvell firmware and some other too such as my intel raid ich8r (8086,2822) firmware to v12.6.0.1867, Intel VGA ROM v2158(since my mobo no built-in VGA) but it show (8086,162). So Just update it :-). last one is this Realtek LAN ROM v2.57 (10ec,8168). I got some problem when I try to replace it, it pop “error in replacing file”. So I extract the 10ec,8168 from the bios (only 50Kb)and compare to RTL 2.57 bin file(64kb). So could be the new file size is too big to fit but then again after I replace all other firmware as I listed above and I try RTL bin to 2.57 bin. It replace without pop out error. +.+ I have no clue what but I think all should be working fine as I’m still using the same Mobo when I write this to you. Once again thank you… Fernando for such great firmware forum and I guess I’ll keep coming back to this great firmware world :slight_smile: