Max fan speed locked

I have a hp cs0000ne with i7 8550u. I have unlocked the tdp limits by changing imon slope by modfying ifr. My CPU now maintains 3.7ghz indefinitely reaching temps as high as 90. while it doesnt throttle using the cpu alone, it starts thermal throttling when both gpu(mx150) and cpu are being used and temps hit almost 100 degrees. However, while my fans do ramp up, they are not that loud. I know my fans can go much much higher as when i update my bios, the fan is twice as loud. even when reaching almost 100 degrees, my fans dont go nearly as loud as it does during an bios update. i tried changing the fan curve in ifr, i saw two settings active trip point one and two which are set at 55 and 71. the max fan speed is also set correctly at 0x64, which is the max value. these settings seem to be right, but i know my fans can spin much faster.