maximus ranger 7 z97 remove module


I am trying to remove the AMDA module, driver (asus com services) in my bios

I do not understand how to find it

sorry for my bad english

my (4.52 MB)


Looks like you also already installed the driver (Since no yellow bang!), or AI Suite, which you need to remove. Here shows where the driver installer is located on the install CD…age2#post365448

The only thing I see possibly related in BIOS is the DirectKey setting, but that’s simply for using reset button/header for booting direct to BIOS when pressing reset.
AMDA00 is not in BIOS at all, AMDA is only found once as a single ASCII entry, and it’s hex equivalent 41 4d 44 41 is also only found once that that same location, at GUID AAA99A23-13B6-4C31-BB8B-299E8EC04FA4 - raw padding file, starting at 17e
Do not remove this, it’s not what you think it is, I believe it’s unrelated and only coincidence that AMDA is found there. Unless you have flash programmer and recovery is easy, then quick test removal or edit would be OK.

From what I read above, and all other places googling around, this is a driver/part of utility installed by asus stuff, not the motherboard itself, if you do not install anything for it there will be yellow bang and missing device, thus no driver or issue caused by driver.
Clean install seems to be the only way to fully reset back to never having installed it, then block windows updates from installing anything for it too. Or you can install the drivers as mentioned above, how you have it now it looks like, then disable service in services and use a startup manager to disable anything related at startup.

I cannot find nothing related in BIOS itself, or in BIOS settings. Unless you can give me other names for this.

cool thank :wink:

windows 10 installs it? I do not install it, it installs all alone… I have the flashback option on my motherboard, I already block it 3 times the return works every time :wink: and i have chip save^^

I am not 100% certain, but I read win10 updates can install it, but not sure if that can happen alone or only if/after you installed some other asus service (Asus Updater, Asus AI Suite, or possibly some others)

Flashback cannot be trusted to knowingly possibly force a bad BIOS flash, keep that as only a possibly recovery solution if it works (It does not always work). Order a CH341A flash programmer if you really want to start blindly editing or removing BIOS modules as test.

Use Autoruns to nuke the service then delete the install package under C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS

Use Autoruns to nuke the service then delete the install package under C:\Program Files (x86)\ASUS

Thanks @Pill_Monster @theblackmage see above, it may help without BIOS modifications