Maximus VII impact BD Prochot in Bios how ?

i’ve been trying to find a way to add the BD Prochot disable setting in the Maximus 7 Impact bios without success, since i can see that option in the bios for an asus laptop (G53SWAS) i’m wondering if it’s possible to add it to the Mi7 Bios ?
i fiddled around with AMIBCP but since the settings is not present in MI7 Bios i have no idea how to add it , maybe someone could bestow some divine knowledge and make me smarter ? :wink:


this bios has it :…/HelpDesk_BIOS/

this one don’t :…/HelpDesk_BIOS/

Sorry I can’t find it either, even hidden, so can’t change it’s setting. Dang, I see 200Bclk and LN2 profiles in this BIOS!!

If you are hitting Prochot then you need to bring temps down anyway before something melts or burns out, disabling it wont help save hardware.

i have been disabling it for 3 years now, it’s not the temp (my cpu is reporting a 33C), it’s a bloody sensor that’s gone nut.

What is it going nuts in, software? Maybe disable detection in the software. Other than that, if it’s a sensor on the CPU, RMA the CPU

well i have no idea if the sensor is in the CPU or the motherboard , but it’s too late for RMA anyway, was just looking at a way to disable BD prochot at BIOS level instead of doing it through an application since i know LAPTOP have that settings in their bioses.

You’ve only used this CPU in this one system/motherboard? There is sensors in board and CPU for this, but I am not sure if both or one or the other can cause it to be tripped. If this CPU does it in other boards, then it’s the CPU sensor.
You are correct, normally there is this setting in many BIOS, sounds like you have my luck, since you need it then it’s not in this board. I even checked the hidden folder with 100’s of hidden settings, and the setup module itself for hidden settings that don’t show up in AMIBCP, nothing in either place.

yep i don’t have any other config to test it on,i guess i’ll stick with the app then, thanks for taking the time to check.

You’re welcome. I’m sorry it’s not there, if it was even if hidden and I couldn’t make visible for you I would be able to disable it.