Maximus XI formula Users Please Help Dump Needed

if there is anyone with Asus Maximus XI formula or extreme can help me…?

is it possible to backup the firmware of your aquantia lan and send it to me? it very important to fix mine i update my current from external site but isnt compatible…

if there users available I can make a walkthrough who you can do it… your help will be awesome!

@JohnnyFire - it would help to edit your title, add Maximus XI formula Users in there, and explain in your post how someone with that board can dump their aquantia FW for you

Never mind, I see you fixed it at Station-Drivers. Maybe add the fix method and file here for the next poor guys looking for help fixing, thanks!

I edit it! but if I can find a original Maximus xi formula firmware will be awesome now I’m using from other Mobo but works at least!

So, what do you mean, you will edit in method to fix? If yes, please do, and thanks! Surely someone will find this thread later and need the fix you know, so if you can share method and files used that would be great

yes that i mean! give some time and i will make it shine! but if you can find hear saomething with this mobo and he can help us to extract the original firmware will be awsome!

@JohnnyFire - OK, thanks, I’ll be waiting, I know sometimes writing out method to fix takes some time, I do guides sometimes and it takes me forever, even for short ones sometimes

If I see anyone with this board I will direct them here, and right now I will edit in your title (Dump Needed) hope that’s OK if not feel free to edit out

soon i have in my hands the original firmware from this board yes i need plently of time to make it right cause work work and other staff i need to make but will be done!


Did you ever get the firmware dump of the original Maximus Extreme [Aquantia AQC111C 5GbE connection]? I updated the firmware earlier today for the one at station drivers version 3.1.90 and all seems to work OK.

well from then manny things has changed so i had no time to do this and so i let go sadly i manage to fix it still