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This thread is meant as a place to discuss MC Extractor's functionality.

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MC Extractor v1.0.1 :

Intel containers are now extracted in one step
Fixed missing AMD loose pattern (-false)
Updated Microcode Repository Database to r2

Microcode Repository Database r2 :


MC Extractor v1.0.2 & DB r3

MC Extractor v1.0.3 & DB r4

Hello :slight_smile:

Here is an old APL mc ver. 18.

18.png (13.2 KB)

Thank you Pacman, first MCE report! You know how to manually add to the DB, right? It’s -pdb and then copy-paste from the equivalent file that got generated (Intel, AMD or VIA).

Also, for now, if you spot full APL SPI images, you should keep them because I don’t know how TXE3 is structured exactly, whether it has SKUs and so on. Just a heads up.

Yes, thank you, just added it :slight_smile:

MC Extractor v1.1.0 & DB r5

MC Extractor DB r6

MC Extractor DB r7

MC Extractor DB r8

Intel Linux Processor Microcode Data File Version: 20161104

Direct link


Nice, thank you Pacman.

For anyone who doesn’t know, you can use parameter -cont to extract immediately the microcodes of Intel containers (dat, inc, h, txt) and their variations.

@ plutomaniac

My friend! When the update the database? :))

MC Extractor DB r9




Sorry to be late for the database update :slight_smile: (94.2 KB)

Thank you! No worries, people can use -pdb to add manually if they want.


mce.png (94.2 KB)

MC Extractor DB r10