ME size 0x1FF000 u can't find


I can’t find ME with size : 0x1FF000


@effektiveddd - You need from the V11.8 Repo here in section "B"

Then use the above mentioned file with Flash Image Tool / Guide, or ME FW update tool. If you are working on ME manually, with tools such as UEFITool, be sure you know what you are doing!
Otherwise it does not have to be 0x1FF000, that is padded to fit into the predefined ME region of the BIOS, actual ME FW size is 0x1F0000
You don’t have to worry about size in this regard unless you’re doing some manual swapping with UEFITool or something like that, if so pad it out with FF to size you need.

Thanks for u help. Works fine.

Can you tell me about this case. I need ME ver. but it’s not available in repository.
What i should use for this bios ??



Please compress and attach the image which has CSME as I don’t have it at all.

Edit: Never mind, found it here, but please report any firmware not in MEA DB so that it can be improved.

As for your question, you can use the latest 11.8 CON-LP NPDM firmware from the repository during cleaning.