ME Analyzer Not Recognized my BIOS Dump

So, I was following the steps here to clean dump intel engine, But whenever I tried to dump my Bios with correct ME System Tools version (which is ME v9.5 according to HWINFO), ME Analyzer outputs only this line "File does not contain Intel Engine/Graphics Firmware", tried to load another BIOS dump I can find here in the forum and it displays lot of information as I usually find on other dump file.
Doing some reading, this might be because the BIOS was actually protected by BIOS password.

Any suggestion around this? I attached my locked dump file for anyone wanted to take a look (dumpfile more than 12MB, so I need to upload it to GDrive, actually sorry I cant post links on this forum yet :frowning: ). Or perhaps decoding the password from my dumpfile, really appreciate if someone did help. Thank you.

The goal is to Clean Dump My Surface Pro 3 BIOS (it was protected by BIOS administrator password), been using it for 4 years and I wanted to install something else on it. Bought from a local seller, works normal with windows, etc but never knew that BIOS was protected with password.

Possible that your dump contains only the bios-region and no ME-image. Most modern hardware block reading the ME-region.

Open your dump with UEFITool, if ME is present, it should show (open the "+") ME region.